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The Yale Journal of International Affairs (YJIA) is a graduate student-run journal that aims to publish the best student and practitioner writing on international affairs. YJIA engages with the richness of its subject matter by elevating distinct perspectives and diverse areas of expertise among its writers and its editorship. YJIA seeks to embody the values and vision of the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs with which it is affiliated, chiefly by presenting arguments that address the real world and policy implications of the issues it covers.

Recent contributors to the Yale Journal of International Affairs include: Francis Gavin, Robert Jervis, John M. Owen IV, Marc Trachtenberg, Stephen M. Walt, David Cohen, Alexander Evans, Janet Napolitano, Oona Hathaway, Stanley McChrystal, Tony Blair, Paul Collier, Joseph Stiglitz, John Negroponte, and Mary Kaldor, among others.

YJIA was established in 2004 by graduate students at Yale University’s MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies. Since 2011, YJIA has been proudly associated with Yale’s The Jackson Institute for Global Affairs.



Views expressed in the online and print versions of this journal do not necessarily represent those of the editorial board, board of advisers, MacMillan Center, Jackson Institute, or any other entity at Yale University.

In association with the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs