Spring 2020 Edition: China and the World

  Click here to view the full issue   Table of Contents and Letter from the Editor   The “Value” of Propaganda: Predicting Political Crackdown in China Based on Text Data  Economic policy experts Julian TszKin Chan and Weifeng... more

Investment Screening for Developing Asia

Brazilian farmer Edimilson Santana told The New York Times in 2011 that Chinese consumers are buying up “more than anyone… This could be a new beginning for farmers here.”1 But where Edimilson saw opportunity in a $7 billion deal to supply... more

Evaluating Russia’s Pivot to Asia

  This article appears in the Spring 2020 print edition of the Yale Journal of International Affairs   Executive Summary   Since the Soviet Union’s dissolution in December 1991, the Russian government has pursued two interrelated goals:... more

The Coming Catastrophe in Syria’s Prisons

As the novel coronavirus spreads across the world, health organizations are predicting a humanitarian catastrophe in war-torn Syria. In the absence of adequate health infrastructure, Syria’s political detainees—who are among the country’s most... more

Bit by Byte: Rebooting America’s Colombia Policy

Colombia is at a critical turning point. Nearly two years after President Duque took power, the country now faces a refugee crisis now bigger than Syria’s, an exploding coca production problem, and the return of policy by protest. New technologies... more

US-UK Deal Should Not Prevent Trade Negotiations with China

Considering the high probability of Britain leaving the European Union without a deal, the British government needs to line up potential trade agreements. Given shared transatlantic values and the importance of closer US-UK economic ties,... more

NATO Partnership for Peace

As the preeminent institution for maintaining European security, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) must address the growing sphere of Russian influence in non-NATO member states. Under the guidance of Vladimir Putin, Russia is using a... more

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