The Coming Catastrophe in Syria’s Prisons

As the novel coronavirus spreads across the world, health organizations are predicting a humanitarian catastrophe in war-torn Syria. In the absence of adequate health infrastructure, Syria’s political detainees—who are among the country’s most... more

Bit by Byte: Rebooting America’s Colombia Policy

Colombia is at a critical turning point. Nearly two years after President Duque took power, the country is facing a refugee crisis now bigger than Syria’s, an exploding coca production problem, and the return of policy by protest. As new... more

US-UK Deal Should Not Prevent Trade Negotiations with China

Considering the high probability of Britain leaving the European Union without a deal, the British government needs to line up potential trade agreements. Given shared transatlantic values and the importance of closer US-UK economic ties,... more

NATO Partnership for Peace

As the preeminent institution for maintaining European security, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) must address the growing sphere of Russian influence in non-NATO member states. Under the guidance of Vladimir Putin, Russia is using a... more

Look Toward Norms, Not Treaties, to Regulate Digital Weapons

Traditional Arms Control Will Not Work There is a temptation to limit the spread of digital weapons through arms control agreements akin to the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks and Strategic Arms Reduction Treaties that slowed nuclear proliferation.... more

Building a North American Technology Trust

In a process rife with uncertainty and at times high with tension, the United States, Canada, and Mexico managed to reach terms for a broad new trade arrangement to replace NAFTA. 1 There are inherent difficulties in reaching a free trade agreement... more

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