ROL in South Sudan

Emerging Rule of Law Priorities for a Post-Conflict South Sudan

In 2005, the government of Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), the armed forces of South Sudan, adopted the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, ending twenty-one years of civil war. In a popular vote held in January 2011, 98 percent of... more
NATO Exercise Cold Response, 2014

Why It’s Time: The Case for Swedish Membership in NATO

Introduction A watershed moment occurred in European security during the early months of 2014, when Russian forces occupied the Crimean peninsula and subsequently claimed that the territory was part of the Russian Federation. Immediately after the... more
Visegrad Group and Eastern Partnership meeting in Budapest 14 / J. Cieślikowska

Political Cacophony in the East: Višegrad Fraying at the Seams

Poland’s recent announcement that it would move thousands of troops from the country’s western border to its eastern one—a historic realignment—highlights the consternation that the Ukrainian crisis has sparked among countries in the region.... more
"Female Workers at the Sugar Plantage, Barbados" by Berit Watkin

A Case for Tracking Non-Financial Aid Flows More Effectively

Introduction During the second High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Paris in 2005, the global aid community developed two targets for tracking their commitments to improving the effectiveness of non-financial flows: indicator four (50 percent of... more

Crossing the Red Line: International Legal Limits on Policy Options

The apparent use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime in Syria and the potential development of nuclear weapons by Iran have brought “red lines” to the forefront of public discourse and policy-making. In the former, U.S. President Obama... more

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