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ROL in South Sudan

Emerging Rule of Law Priorities for a Post-Conflict South Sudan

In 2005, the Government of Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), the armed forces of South Sudan, agreed to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, ending twenty-one years of civil war. Through a popular vote in January 2011, 98 percent... more


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Governing the Arctic: Finding Consensus in a Region of Increasing Interest

Editor’s Note: David Biette spoke with the Yale Journal of International Affairs in April 2015, several weeks before the United States assumed the chairmanship of the Arctic Council. The interview reflects the wide-ranging set of... more
Johnnie Carson

Democracy on the Rise: Ambassador Johnnie Carson on the 2015 Nigerian Presidential Elections

Yale Journal of International Affairs: Thinking about the Nigerian election and what was happening over the last few months on the ground: on March 30, following the elections, which had first been delayed, incumbent Goodluck Jonathan conceded... more

Enabling Access to Markets: Bitcoin’s Vision of a Participatory Digital Economy

Yale Journal of International Affairs: In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper about a frictionless, electronic payment system. I was hoping you could discuss a little bit Satoshi’s vision in 2008, and how it has grown up today in 2015.... more

Op-Eds & Reviews

Frozen Meat Truck

Political Cartoons: Frozen Meat Truck; Syrian Market Massacre

On August 27, 2015, seventy-one refugees were found to have suffocated to death in a frozen food truck that was abandoned on the Austria-Hungary border. Migrants from the Middle East, fearful of death at sea, have increasingly turned to a land... more

Are Our Standards for CSR Good Enough?

The short answer is “no”—our standards for declaring corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives a success are not good enough. Collectively, international development supporters seem content to draw positive conclusions about CSR... more
World Bank - Eliot Pence

Lean Development: A New Theory of Development Assistance

No one truly knows what we are doing in development. We have spent billions and do not have much to show for it. Critics often point out that China has contributed more than any other country in reducing global poverty, despite having received... more

Photo Essays

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A New Generation: Life in Rwanda Twenty Years after the Genocide

“A New Generation: Life in Rwanda Twenty Years after the Genocide” by Enni Kallio was the winner of YJIA’s 2015 Photo Essay Contest. Kwibuka? Remember? On April 6, 1994 the airplane carrying the President of Rwanda, Juvénal Habyarimana, and... more
Baltistan, Pakistan, India, Tyakshi

Winter Highways: The Wait of Baltistan

Winter Highways: The Wait Of Baltistan Baltistan is a mountainous region straddling the Northern India–Pakistan border, adjacent to the disputed territory of Kashmir. During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, the Ladakhi Scouts, an infantry regiment... more
Umam is 32, but his deep-lined face looks well over forty. Having worked in the mine since his teens, he says that he does not care to use protective masks as they slow him down in his work.

Sulfur Miners of Kawah Ijen

SULFUR MINERS OF KAWAH IJEN Kawah Ijen is one of the many volcanoes that dominate the landscape of East Java in the Indonesian archipelago. But Ijen is markedly different from the others—it is home to the largest acidic crater lake on Earth. The... more