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"Female Workers at the Sugar Plantage, Barbados" by Berit Watkin

A Case for Tracking Non-Financial Aid Flows More Effectively

Introduction During the second High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Paris in 2005, the global aid community developed two targets for tracking their commitments to improving the effectiveness of non-financial flows: indicator four (50 percent of... more



Seeing Atrocity Crimes as Processes, Not Single Events

"Almost all societies have diverse populations. Divisions between national, racial, ethnic, and religious groups and tensions fueled by past and present patterns of discrimination are among the key risk factors for conflict and atrocity... more

Transparency as Professionalism

YJIA: The China Foundation of Poverty Alleviation is the largest NGO in China. Could you give us a little bit of background on the Foundation and how it works with governmental institutions? Wang: I’ll start by giving you some context as to how... more

A World in Need of a Grand Strategy

YJIA: Mr. Ocampo, we’re delighted that you’re joining the Jackson Institute. Why did you decide to come to Yale this year? Moreno-Ocampo: For my nine years as prosecutor I saw how the twenty-first century was changing the way in which we manage... more

Op-Eds & Reviews

S Sudan Aid

South Sudan: Don’t Fire the Foreigners

As hundreds of thousands of people in South Sudan struggle to survive the brutal conflict there, South Sudan’s labor minister recently dealt a potentially devastating blow: he ordered all international workers to leave the country. That happened... more

The Transparency of the Quotidian: Whither Japan?

Take a look at the tag cloud from this journal’s webpage. The frequency with which a given word or phrase is tagged in relation to the YJIA’s content is shown by relative size, an indication of that topic’s level of coverage. For example,... more

Two Americas: Resurgent and Dysfunctional

In discussions of America’s present and prospects, few notions are as common as that of “two Americas”: the haves and have-nots, the red states and blue states, and so forth.  One might add another pair to the list: the resurgent and the... more

Photo Essays


Flight of the Golden Peacock: The Return of Aung San Suu Kyi

In this photo essay, composed during the weeks leading up to and following Aung San Suu Kyi’s historic win in the April elections, I focus on some of the major changes that have marked this improbable “flight of the golden... more