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Crossing the Red Line: International Legal Limits on Policy Options

June 18, 2014

By Todd Robinson, Paul F. Diehl, and Tyler Pack*  Abstract—The apparent use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime in Syria and the potential development of nuclear weapons by Iran have brought “red lines” to the forefront of public discourse and policy-making. In the former, U.S. President Obama threatened retaliatory measures were Syria ever to […]

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Emerging Donors and Knowledge Sharing for Development: The Case of Korea

By Moctar Aboubacar*  Abstract—The field of international development cooperation is being increasingly influenced by “emerging donors,” countries like South Korea which are capitalizing on their own development history to engage developing countries with innovative policy experiences. These newly formulated development cooperation initiatives face significant challenges, however, especially when negotiating what role the state should play […]

Arrested Institutional Development: Resource Dependence and Legal Institutions

By Kari Lipschutz* Abstract—Literature on the resource curse has attempted to explain all manner of failure in the political and economic institutions of resource rich countries. Much of the literature, however, ignores the failings of legal institutions. While some developments occur out of government interest in natural resource sectors such as investor protection frameworks, others, […]

Everyone’s Talking About Iran’s Nuclear Program. What About Its Auto Industry?

By Masoud Movahed* Every motorized country has a symbolic car that is viewed as the emblem of its thriving auto industry. In Germany it was the Volkswagen; in America, the Cadillac; in South Korea, the Kia; and in Japan, the Toyota. Iran, too, has its own iconic car: the Paykan, which means “arrow.” Based on […]

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