“The Gap is Real”: Stan McChrystal Speaks on the Civil-Military Divide

YJIA: According to the U.S. Department of Defense, only half of one percent of officers entering the military last year hailed from the top 20 U.S. colleges and universities—a percentage that is half that of just 20 years ago. Does the size of... more

“Today more than ever” International Coordination Matters

YJIA: Looking back at an extraordinarily multifaceted political career, what would be your advice to students who are considering a career in politics—particularly in the face of an increasing disenchantment with politics? Minister von der Leyen:... more

Lessons Against Tyranny

A week after the election of Donald Trump, Timothy Snyder, a historian of twentieth-century Europe, posted a message on his Facebook page entitled, “Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century.” Reflecting on the experience of Europeans “who saw... more

Europe’s Chief Diplomat Talks Brexit, Feminism and the Future of the EU

In the spring of 2010, Lady Catherine Ashton moved from a leafy London suburb to running Europe’s foreign policy in Brussels as the most senior European diplomat and the highest paid female politician in the world. Her appointment at the time was... more

Banking on a Mission: Pursuing Profits and Social Impact in Indonesia

The strategies for conducting business with social impact are as diverse as the number of social enterprises that have emerged around the world. Bank BTPN is a profitable midsize bank in Indonesia, and one of its business segments provides loans to... more

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