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Europe’s Chief Diplomat Talks Brexit, Feminism and the Future of the EU

In the spring of 2010, Lady Catherine Ashton moved from a leafy London suburb to running Europe’s foreign policy in Brussels as the most senior European diplomat and the highest paid female politician in the world. Her appointment at the time was... more
Jerry Ng

Banking on a Mission: Pursuing Profits and Social Impact in Indonesia

The strategies for conducting business with social impact are as diverse as the number of social enterprises that have emerged around the world. Bank BTPN is a profitable midsize bank in Indonesia, and one of its business segments provides loans to... more

Reflections From Obama’s Middle East Negotiator: Dennis Ross

“Too many tears have been shed. Too much blood has been shed.” With these words, President Obama addressed a crowded hall at Cairo University in June 2009 and made settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a cornerstone of his Middle East... more
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Governing the Arctic: Finding Consensus in a Region of Increasing Interest

Editor’s Note: David Biette spoke with the Yale Journal of International Affairs in April 2015, several weeks before the United States assumed the chairmanship of the Arctic Council. The interview reflects the wide-ranging set of... more
Johnnie Carson

Democracy on the Rise: Ambassador Johnnie Carson on the 2015 Nigerian Presidential Elections

Yale Journal of International Affairs: Thinking about the Nigerian election and what was happening over the last few months on the ground: on March 30, following the elections, which had first been delayed, incumbent Goodluck Jonathan conceded... more

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