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Why The United States Was Caught Off Guard On Iran

Many intelligence agencies were caught off guard by the Arab Spring in 2011. Similarly, many agencies failed to anticipate the Islamic State taking over Mosul in 2014. Yet, the reasons behind these instances of strategic surprise weren’t new at... more

The Need for Risk Stratification in India’s Healthcare

The United Nations recently called for its member states to show increased commitment to building sustainable and inclusive societies through the implementation of seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The third goal is to “ensure... more

Political Cartoons: Frozen Meat Truck; Syrian Market Massacre

On August 27, 2015, seventy-one refugees were found to have suffocated to death in a frozen food truck that was abandoned on the Austria-Hungary border. Migrants from the Middle East, fearful of death at sea, have increasingly turned to land routes... more

Are Our Standards for CSR Good Enough?

The short answer is “no”—our standards for declaring corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives a success are not good enough. Collectively, international development supporters seem content to draw positive conclusions about CSR... more

Lean Development: A New Theory of Development Assistance

No one truly knows what we are doing in development. We have spent billions of dollars and do not have much to show for it. Critics often point out that China has contributed more than any other country in reducing global poverty, despite having... more

South Sudan: Don’t Fire the Foreigners

As hundreds of thousands of people in South Sudan struggle to survive the brutal conflict there, South Sudan’s labor minister recently dealt a potentially devastating blow: he ordered all international workers to leave the country. That happened... more

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