Volume 14, Issue 1: Spring 2019

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Click to download the full issue

Click here to download the full issue

Building a North American Technology Trust
By Meg King and Jake Rosen
Experts at the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Science and Technology Innovation Program weigh in on the need for technological cooperation in North America.

Op-Ed: Mob Lynching and Social Media
By Rema Rajeshwari
An Indian Police Service Officer and 2017 Jackson World Fellow reflects on the dangerous side effects of social media.

Interview: Data Privacy, Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, and Human Rights
A Conversation with Nathaniel Raymond
By Jason Lapadula
Jackson graduate student Jason Lapadula explores issues of cyber security and data governance with Yale lecturer Nathaniel Raymond.

Look Toward Norms, Not Treaties, to Regulate Digital Weapons
By Łukasz Antoni Król
Political scientist Łukasz Król proposes the use of international norms as an alternative framework for digital arms control.

Photo Essay: Blind Spots
Stories from a Leper Colony
By Faisal Magray
Freelance journalist Faisal Magray sheds light onto the personal stories of people living in one of Kashmir’s remaining leper colonies.

Promoting the Continued Sovereign Status of Deterritorialized Island Nations
By Erik Woodward
NYU Law student Erik Woodward highlights a solution to the precarious legal status of island nations threatened by climate change.

NATO Partnership for Peace
By Joe Kyle
George Washington graduate student Joe Kyle reflects on the role NATO can play in countering Russian influence.

Don’t Spend Money Responding to Ebola, Save Money Building Healthcare Systems in Africa
By Matthew Burnett
Jackson graduate student Matthew Burnett offers policy suggestions to build resilience against future outbreaks.

The Gospel According to Poroshenko
Politics, Religion, and the New Church of Ukraine
By Nicolai N. Petro
University of Rhode Island Professor Nicolai Petro discusses the new Orthodox Church of Ukraine and its various political implications.


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