Volume 2, Issue 2: Spring/Summer 2007

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Standing on Common Ground
An Interview with Mark Malloch Brown

In an interview with YJIA, Mark Malloch Brown discusses his experiences as Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and the UN’s evolving role under new leadership.


Surveying Asia
An Interview with Michael Green

Former National Security Council member Michael Green talks with YJIA about China’s rise, North Korean nuclear diplomacy, and Japan’s changing foreign policy.




Reluctant to Lead: The Lebanese Conflict and the EU’s Common Security Policy
By Patrycja Podrazik

Patrycja Podrazik analyzes EU member state diplomacy during the 2006 Lebanon-Israeli War and finds a gap between the EU’s rhetoric and its ability to coordinate a Common Foreign and Security Policy.


Petroleum and Power: China, the Middle East and the United States
By Zhiqun Zhu

Zhiqun Zhu argues that although China’s quest for oil has strained Sino-American relations, increased Chinese involvement in the Middle East will not necessarily lead to conflict.


Euro-Atlantic Strategy for the Black Sea Region
By Fatih Ulger

Fatih Ulger examines the challenges and opportunities confronting Europe along its southeastern periphery.


Iraq’s Collateral Damage
By Samantha Power

Samantha Power details the political fallout of America’s war in Iraq and presents recommendations for regaining legitimacy and influence.


The War on Terror: Past, Present and Future
Mary Habeck, Frederick W. Kagan, Roman Martinez, Michael Rubin and Vance Serchuk

Five experts weigh in on U.S. progress in the ongoing War on Terror.


Dragon-slayer or Panda-hugger? Chinese Perspectives on “Responsible Stakeholder” Diplomacy
By Jonathan Czin

Jonathan Czin examines China’s response to the Bush administration’s invitation to become a “responsible stakeholder.”


Putting Development back in the Doha Round
By Kevin P. Gallagher

In order to reinvigorate the Doha Round of World Trade talks, developed nations must heed the insistence of poorer nations to make development a priority.


The Founding Fathers of Chile’s Capitalist Revolution
By Angel Soto

Angel Soto contends that the foundation of Chile’s present economic and political success lies in the gradual yet controversial transformation overseen by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.


Back from the Battle: Student Veterans’ Perspectives on the Iraq War
Robert Berschinski, Josh Bradley, John Frick and Bryan Groves

Four Yale students who have served the U.S. military in Iraq discuss their experiences on the battlefield and the transition to life in the classroom.



The Global Cold War: Third World Interventions and the Making of Our Times
By Odd Arne Westad

Reviewed by Patrick Sharma


Trust and Mistrust in International Relations
By Andrew Kydd
Deterrence by Diplomacy
By Anne E. Sartori

Reviewed by Jason D. Brozek


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