Civ-Mil: National Service with General (Ret.) Stanley McChrystal

Retired General Stanley McChrystal, a Senior Fellow at the Jackson Institute, joins us for a conversation about his avocation since his military retirement. He’s increasingly committed to the idea that our nation could be better off if every... more

Civ-Mil: Transparency and Overcoming Trauma with TJ Brennan

TJ Brennan, one of the authors of Shooting Ghosts, joins us for a candid conversation about his own reentry after his time in the US Marine Corps. We discuss the human aspects of service and reentry as well as some of the services that are provided... more

Civ-Mil: Counterterrorism with Lt. Col. Bryan Price

We are joined this week by Lieutenant Colonel Bryan Price from West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center. We discuss what civilians understand about counterterrorism. We put special emphasis on the way decisions are made and potential for... more

Civ-Mil: The Civil-Military Relations Baseline with Dr. Kori Schake

We talk with national security expert Dr. Kori Schake about the gap between civilians and the US military. We discuss what people understand well about the military, why the gap exists, and what can be done about it. Dr. Kori Schake is the... more

Civ-Mil: Demystifying the US Military, A Miniseries

The first episode of this miniseries offers me and my cohost Army Major Will Wright to explain how this podcast came about. We discuss why we think the civil-military gap is so important as part of understanding both US national security and civil... more

International Considerations on North Korea

Dr. Mira Rapp-Hooper and Dr. Dingding Chen join me for a conversation about US and Chinese policy toward North Korea. We discuss policy options including sanctions, negotiations, and military action. Dr. Chen  explains Chinese perspectives and... more

Hurricane Response: Learning from Disaster Management in Haiti

For Rita Sciarra, Project Manager for the United Nations Development Programme disaster response to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, preparation for disasters is key to effective response. She talks about the critical steps to creating a good disaster... more

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